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About Black Salt & Its Uses
About Black Salt
WHAT IS BLACK SALT: - Black salt is also known as kala namak...Black salt, is known as rock salt or kala namak, is specially find in central India. Their looks is finely ground, pinkish gray salt is rich in minerals. Its smoky, tangy taste heightens the flavor in foods. Black salt is likely to be found in deep-fried snacks, chaats and tasty salads. It's good for people who have high blood pressure and low-salt eating dieters because it does not increase sodium content in the blood. It is also known to comfort flatulence and heartburn. it is special type of indian mineral salt with a distinctive/sulfurous flavor.black salt or kala namak is not Black, but more a reddish gray, because of the presence of trace minerals and iron.it is not interchangeable with sea slat or table salt because of it's Distinct flavor. According to Indian classical medical science, Ayurveda, black salt is full of therapeutic benefits. It is rich in iron, and is a cure for flatulence and heartburns. According to ayurveda doctors, black salt is the most beneficial form of salt because unlike ordinary salt, they don't increase the sodium content of blood and are therefore recommended for patients with high blood pressure and low-salt eating dieters.

Uses of black salt: - The most common of this "spice" is to impart the special characteristics flavor to the tangy fresh salads called chaats.It is also regularly used in small quantities in chutneys,raitas,pickles and many other savory indian snacks,addinga very different flavor than just using regular salt.


Preparation:-Black salt is prepared by boiling hard seeds in brine, and then letting the remaining water evaporate. The residual crystalline salt is black, Hence the name. When ground into a powder, it becomes pink.[1] Chemically, black salt is sodium sulfide, with trace minerals. It is also produced as by Product from manufacturing of sodium thiosulphate.

Uses:-Black salt is considered a cooling spice in ayurvedic medicine and is used as a laxative and digestive aid. It is also believed to relieve intestinal Gas and heartburn. It is sometimes used by people with high blood pressure or on low-salt diets because it is thought to be lower in sodium and purportedly does not increase sodium content in the blood Harad seeds are considered aphrodisiac in ayurvedic medicine and helps lowering blood pressure and Inflammation. The reason for this effect can be attributed to sulfurous compounds in Harad which ultimately become part of black salt during manufacturing Process.

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